TPT Services B.V. is specialized in the processing and transshipment of chemical products

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TPT is a chemical service provider located in Terneuzen, the Netherlands, that offers a wide range of logistic and production opportunities. We are ISO 9001 and GMP+ B1 certified for this and provide the transhipment and distribution of (bulk) chemicals on the European market for our clients who are active on diverse markets. We preside over a fully equipped tank and silo park, transport systems and a number of production units. We distinguish ourself by adding value to the products of our clients. We are able to achieve this by screening, drying, calcining, filtering, mixing (blending), packaging and producing chemical substances. On top of these services, we also produce ammonium plant products such as ammonium salts. Our clients consider TPT as an extension of their own organisation, as a fully-fledged, integrated production and logistic department.

30 silos and 24 tanks

TPT has approximately 30 silos to store dry chemicals and powders and 24 tanks for the storage of liquids.

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7.5 m depth for receiving coasters

TPT is located on the Gent channel by Terneuzen. We are in possession of our own quay where vessels with a maximum depth of 7.5 metres are able to dock. Here, we load and unload inland shipping freighters and coasters. We also have all facilities needed for the loading and unloading of lorries. TPT is easily accessible via the surrounding roadways which are congestion-free. We also offer a connection by train nearby.

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6 processes under 1 roof

Besides our provision of logistic services, clients choose TPT because of the specific opportunities we offer to further develop products. We have the ability to add value. We have the following business-specific facilities which enable us to achieve this:

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In the active markets of our clients, speed and flexibility have top priority to be successful. Our modest size enables us to make this happen. We work with short communication lines, both with our clients and internally. This allows us to respond quickly and alertly. Fast lead times, loading, unloading without slowing slot times, immediate response and a competitive price/quality ratio are promises we fulfill on a daily basis. We consider ourselves as an extension of your organisation and behave accordingly.

Sharing knowledge and data

Despite all these activities, we do much more. One example is building long-term relations. An other example is sharing our expertise with you. This is how we make a significant contribution to the development of your products and logistic processes. We also offer the ability to look into our data. This way we simplify the administrative processing of your orders and offer real-time information concerning the status of orders.

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TPT is actively involved with companies from all kinds of branches, ranging from the petrochemical industry to agriculture to the food industry. We add value to our client’s raw materials and products in all kinds of ways.

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