TPT is actively involved with companies from all kinds of branches, ranging from the petrochemical industry to agriculture to the food industry. We add value to our client’s raw materials and products in all kinds of ways.

FCC (Fluid Cracking Catalyst) 
TPT receives the basic raw materials and stores these in silos. We subsequently blend them according to client specifications into FCC intended for the cracking process used in oil refineries.

Feed industry
We produce additives for the feed industry. We have the required GMP+ certificate for this production.

On assignment for one our clients, we make de-icing products for runways. Our strength? Our great capacity and ability to respond quickly to the climate conditions in Europe.

Among others, we produce different products to help farmers prevent mould from growing in hay.

Food industry
The caustic soda that we keep stored also finds it way to beer breweries, for example. Here, it serves as a cleaning agent for the pipe system. Caustic soda is also a component in many of today’s products.